Lucy Hale Would Love To Date This Pretty Little Liars Character

Photo: Stewart Cook/REX/Shutterstock.
Of all the combinations of characters that have dated on Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale just proposed one we'd never considered.

"If you could date any of the PLL characters in real life, who would you pick?" Teen Vogue asked her in a recent interview. She responded: "I would date Spencer because she seems really smart and worldly. She's a cool girl."

Spencer would indeed be a kick-ass girlfriend. Yet we don't quite see that relationship working out. Spencer would get fed up with Aria's free-spirited nature, and she'd resent Spencer's constant micromanaging.

But given that the show's already finished filming, that stands no chance of happening outside our collective imagination anyway. Unless we're in for a very major plot twist in the finale.

As for the actual finale plot, all Hale would say that it was "satisfying" and that "everybody has been waiting for it."

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