The Pretty Little Liars Cast Is As Heartbroken About The Show Ending As We Are

After shooting seven suspense-filled seasons, the Liars are getting ready to leave Rosewood, Pennsylvania for good. Two weeks before the filming wraps up, the Pretty Little Liars cast is already posting goodbye pictures to Instagram, Teen Vogue reported. "While we still have 15 more days of filming, I sit here with a heavy but extremely full and grateful heart after our official last table read of Pretty Little Liars," Lucy Hale wrote. "Aside from a murder mystery, mysterious Rosewood, the Hunt for A, and a lot of sketchy characters... the foundation of this show started and ended with friendship. Through it all, these characters stuck by each other's side. Knowing and working with each of these ladies has left such a huge mark on my life. And I'm not ready to say goodbye."
Troian Bellisario shared the same photo, writing that it was taken before the read because "afterwards we were all hysterically crying and red."
For her part, Ashley Benson simply posted a photo of the Liars with the caption "sisters."

Sisters ❤️

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Shay Mitchell shared a quote by David Bowie: "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I know it won't be boring."

"I don't know where i'm going from here, but I know it won't be boring" - Bowie #lasttablereadfeels

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Nope, they are not ripping the bandaid off quickly. This is going to be a long and heart-wrenching departure. We're not sure what's sadder, this or when the Girls cast left the show. Now that they've read the last episode, we know I. Marlene King has finally decided on an ending. Let's hope it doesn't involve anyone dying, like the title might suggest, because we cannot deal with anymore heartbreak.

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