This Mistletoe-Toting Man Is Straight Out Of Love Actually

What would possess a man to head to the airport with a bunch of mistletoe clutched in his fist? Love, actually. The internet got swept up into a romantic frenzy over the holiday weekend when a British woman spied a man on her Gatwick Airport-bound train carrying mistletoe. Naturally, she captured the moment for posterity.
And because a romantic gesture performed in the greater London area reeks of Richard Curtis, the Love Actually references started rolling in. "There's a man rushing to Gatwick North terminal with a bunch of mistletoe & nothing else," the original poster, Isobel Chillman, shared. "SOME LOVE ACTUALLY SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN." Alas, the man in question dashed off — to kiss his crush before she boarded a flight to America after the school pageant? — before Chillman could get the full story. That didn't stop her and all of Twitter from speculating about the passionate scene sure to follow.
Close. "Mistletoe Man" thankfully revealed himself and shared the real romantic story. "Was indeed a happy ending — late to meet my gf so surprised her!" the man, identified as one Tim Brown, responded. Here's Loverboy and his lovely lady making use of that mistletoe. Close your eyes and you can almost hear Billy Mack crooning in the background and the doorbell ringing as one of his mates waits outside with a stack of posterboard...

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