Love & Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap: How Not To Be A Boss

Photo: Thomas Concordia/Getty
Love & Hip Hop is full of contradictions. It’s a show about love with very few examples of healthy relationships; hip-hop artists, producers, and managers who aren’t good at rapping, producing, or managing careers; and making deals that never seem to go through. To the latter two points, LHH is essentially a case study in how not to be a boos.

In episode 7, Bianca is still trying to pick up the pieces of her pride after being rejected by DJ Drewski. But she is still demanding that Drewski spins her record on his radio station. However, while Bianca was trying to replace Drewski’s girlfriend (with whom he’s on track to reconcile this episode), she should have been trying to get a contractual agreement in place, obligating him to play her songs. But her demands aren’t likely to be met after all the trouble she’s caused.

Mariahlynn is pretty receptive to Cisco’s efforts to win her back. He’s made a fairly good case as well, offering to front some of the expenses to advance Mariahlynn’s music career. Cisco is clearly putting his money where his mouth is, something that DJ Self wasn’t able to do. Last week, Mariahlynn ripped up a contract to be signed under Self’s label after feeling deceived by him. But she’s still on the fence about where her loyalties lie. She credits Self with breaking her first single and is caught in the middle of his beef with Cisco. Despite Mariahlynn’s reluctance to sign a contract, Self thinks that Cisco’s business offer is an infringement on his territory.

Cisco has an appearance scheduled at the radio station where Self works, but in a completely fake scene, the building is locked when he arrives. Self is flexing his muscles to teach Cisco a lesson and shows up to Mariahlynn’s performance to gloat. The beef between the two men turns physical and Self kicks Cisco out of the Creep Squad. Separating business and pleasure is clearly not their strong suit. And there is no section in the boss manual that involves creating a middle school-style, boys-only group based on how many girls you’ve bagged.

The notable exception to the terrible business model here seems to be Yandy. After the fallout of changing the locks to the apartment that Erika co-leased with Mendeecees, Yandy reveals to Juju and Kimbella that she and Mendeecees aren’t legally married. Their wedding took place before the groom was set to begin an eight-year sentence in prison for drug trafficking. As a result of this case, Mendeecees will likely have to pay restitution, and Yandy was advised against entering a legal marriage in order to avoid taking on that financial burden. This certainly alters the legality of her changing the locks on Erika’s property, but as Mendeecees’ power of attorney, she still has some ground to stand on. So far, Yandy is the only one who has bossed up.

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