Jennifer Lawrence Is Over Being Asked About Her Craziest Sex Story

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock
Being a celebrity is weird. One minute, you're discussing your recent project with a radio interviewer, and the next you're expected to spill intimate details about your sex life to the entire world.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, who have been promoting their new movie Passengers by hurling mutual insults and talking to the press, recently spoke to Matty Acton and Sophie Monk on Australia’s KIIS Summer Fling radio show. As Cosmopolitan reports, things got awkward around the 48-minute mark, when Monk — whom you might know from her role in Date Movie, but probably not — asked the co-stars about the craziest places they've hooked up.

To be fair, the question was pegged to a scene in which Lawrence and Pratt's Passengers characters have sex on a kitchen table, but also — a tad personal for a radio interview, no?

The married Pratt apparently didn't think much of it, because he immediately responded with his answer. (Turns out the actor is a card-carrying member of the Mile High Club.) Lawrence, on the other hand, sounded a tad apprehensive about answering the question:

"I don't really have anything... I like being safe."

Acton joked with his co-star about making things "awkward," but only moments later the interview ended. A person came on the line to say "thank you," and Pratt and Lawrence were knocked off the line.
It's unclear whether the interviewees were out of time, or if the actors really were offended by the sex question. However, it's worth noting that Lawrence was asked about her wildest sex spot in a different interview this month. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, a fan called in to ask Lawrence the craziest place the actress has hooked up, and the Oscar-winner responded with essentially the same answer:

"I like to feel safe... If I don't feel safe, I don't know... I like to feel safe."

So, there you have it. J Lawr likes locked doors and little risk, and that's perfectly okay.

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