Every Tree Needs This Package-Tracking Ornament

Photo: Courtesy of USPS.
Amid the stress of the holidays, it can be easy to lose track of all the gifts you've got to order, pick up, and wrap. Enter, The Most Wonderful Ornament.

This is the actual name of a Christmas ornament created by the US Postal Service.

The decoration lets you track your packages in the most festive way possible, without even opening your computer, Engadget reports. While your gift is being delivered, the bulb's a glowing light blue. Once it arrives, it turns red. Then, when the recipient opens their gift, it'll blend in with the tree by turning green.

Unfortunately, it's still in beta, so you won't be able to purchase one yourself this year. But maybe, one not-so-distant December, we'll be able to get them for our friends and family — and monitor our own as they arrive.