Amy Schumer Wants To Dress Like A Cloud

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If there's one thing we know about Amy Schumer, it's that she keeps it real. That's the case when it comes to writing amazing movies like Trainwreck, and it's also the case with her fashion. The 35-year-old comedian, along with stylist Leesa Evans, helped launch STYLEFUND, an organization dedicated to helping women find their individuality through clothes. Schumer and Evans spoke to Barneys, their partner for the project, about how they get dressed, and it's low-key inspiring.

Schumer opened up about how her experiences at photo shoots were often uncomfortable because she didn't feel right in the clothing. "They were always painful," she said. "And I mean physically because of tight materials and bad fits, which was bad because I just want to be swimming in cashmere and feathers all the time…"

Evans added that the star "only wants to wear things that feel like a cloud." Schumer couldn't agree more.

"If I had the option to be put under, like, dental surgery instead of a fitting, I would have taken it," she explained. "I told Leesa about my style, which at that point was basically jeans and V-necks on stage, and felt like she was cool. Then, we had our first fitting, and it was really emotional. I had never, ever known how to dress for my body."

According to Evans, it's all about proportions, but even more so, it's all about what makes you feel comfortable. "My whole life, I had suspected that I was very gorgeous, and then my suspicion was correct!" Schumer exclaimed, reflecting on that first fitting. "I was ready to feel ashamed and awful, but then I tried on these clothes and as the afternoon went on, I felt and looked great."

The main message of their foundation is this: don't dress for society, dress for yourself. "I think it’s less about the things I’m wearing and more about how I feel shining through," Schumer added, and it's true. You'll discover that when you're comfortable in your own body, you feel your best — even if that means swaddling yourself in big sweaters and hitting the town like the beautiful cloud you are.

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