Justin Bieber Out Here Serving Yeti Hunter Looks

Justin Bieber has a cold. That's one explanation for why he's serving looks that would be appropriate for hunting a Yeti. The other explanation, the one Noisey prefers, is that he's entered his Liam Gallagher phase. Elle offers a simpler take: The coat is actually wearing him.

We're here to tell you it's something different. We're here with the truth. First, you need to see the look.
The look is cold as ice. The look is, as looks go, iconic.

First of all, Bieber's not in his "Liam Gallagher phase." That phase was when he was pissing in mop buckets, yelling "Fuck Bill Clinton," and street racing with his dad. His "Liam Gallagher phase" is ouroboric: It has no beginning and no end.

Secondly, the coat is, obviously, not wearing him. Come on. This is why nobody trusts the media.

Clearly, Justin Bieber is a big fan of the 1922 silent documentary Nanook of the North: A Story of Life and Love in the Actual Arctic. And he's serving that look. You say that revenge is a dish best served cold? Well, looks are dishes best served as though you're an extra from the musical version of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Of course, Nanook was later debunked as a crypto-racist fiction film that offered a "noble savage" idealized vision of Inuit life. But Bieber doesn't know that. Bieber just feels, man. And who are we to tell him otherwise? Nobody, that's who.

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