This Map Shows Which Tourist Attraction You Need To Hit Up In Every Country

Photo: Hans-Peter Merten/ Getty Images.
Wouldn't it be awesome to say you've visited every single country in the world? It's an ambitious goal that makes for an epically long travel bucket list. Still, it could be worth a try, and TripAdvisor can help you sort out what you need to see while you're making your trek around the country. You probably already knew TripAdvisor was the right place to turn for help planning an adventure, but now there's an even quicker way to figure out what attractions you should visit in every country around the world.

VoucherCloud, the popular money-saving app, put together a map of the top rated "Things To Do" on TripAdvisor from each country. You can skim the map to find out what the major must-sees are everywhere, and I'm guessing some of them will surprise you. For instance, take a guess on what those visiting America were most excited about seeing. It's not the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore. No, the answer is Central Park. Even more shockingly, folks traveling to the United Kingdom want to take the Harry Potter Studio tour more than anything else.

For all the seemingly unexpected attractions that pop up on the map, there are plenty of ones you could have easily guessed, like the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall in China, and Niagra Falls in Canada. In addition to showing us which attractions are most popular in each country, VoucherCloud also organized them into categories. It found that there are 76 natural attractions, 54 historic attractions, 29 religious attractions, and 38 generic tourist attractions that are must-sees. With so much variety around the world, you'd never get bored by trying to see them all. Take a look at the map, below.
Courtesy of VoucherCloud.

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