The Surprisingly Long List Of Issues Conservative & Liberal Women Agree On

This week, feminist late night host Samantha Bee invited what might seem like a strange guest on her show: conservative commentator Glenn Beck. Why would she do this?
"Because I think that our future is going to require a broad coalition of non-partisan decency...I actually think it's important to reach into places where we wouldn't normally reach," Bee explained.
Beck agreed.
In an effort to find common ground, I reached out to female Trump supporters for a podcast I host called Strong Opinions Loosely Held. You can hear interviews with the women here. In those conversations, I learned that liberals and conservatives (and others who voted for Trump) have a lot more in common than you might think. I list out those commonalities in the resulting video above.
Could this common ground be the way we work together to find actual solutions? I hope so. Because I can't take another four years of yelling at the television.
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