Your Facebook News Feed Is About To Get Much More Colorful

Update: March 31, 2017: Pink, blue, green, and other colorful posts are about to to fill your News Feed. Towards the end of last year, Android users got the option to change the background color of their Facebook posts. According to Mashable, the tool will roll out to iOS and Desktop users by next Thursday, April 13. Expect people to have very strong opinions about the appearance of rainbow brights on their feed.
This piece was originally published on December 19, 2016.
Last February, Facebook brought laughter, love, tears, anger, and surprise to posts with the introduction of emoji reactions. At last, we could do far more than just Like a message. Now, your news feed is getting another huge update.
Starting tomorrow, Android users around the world will be able to add color backgrounds to text-only posts. Other than the standard white, the palette includes yellow, an orangey-red, magenta, a greenish-blue, deep-blue, purple, and gray-black. To use one, just click on the message box, choose your color, type your text, and post as usual.
While the feature is only available for Android right now, iOS users will still be able to see the colorful posts on their news feed and the tool will roll out to iOS and desktops in coming months.
See? 2017 is looking brighter already.
Photo: Courtesy Facebook.

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