You’ll Never Guess Who Gave Macaulay Culkin His Holiday-Prep Pedicure

If you’re wondering what Macaulay Culkin is up to this holiday season, the answer is not creating a series of convoluted booby traps to trip up two would-be burglars. (Although we do realize how disappointing that news may be.) Rather, the former child star is actually spending time in New York City with his goddaughter Paris Jackson, and he’s gearing up for the festivities the way many of us are: with some much-needed pampering. 'Tis the season to neglect your toenails, after all.

model? nah i paint hipsters toenails for a living.

A photo posted by Paris-Michael K. Jackson (@parisjackson) on

Jackson shared the picture of their impromptu spa session to Instagram over the weekend, joking about leaving her modeling duties behind to “paint hipsters’ toenails for a living.” Culkin, the hipster in question, appears good-natured — though not entirely enthused. And, by the looks of it, he's chosen the perfect on-trend berry shade for his pedi.

The actor, now 36, was named Jackson's godfather by her late dad Michael when he was just 18, so it’s safe to say the duo has a special bond. Although she probably shouldn't quit her day job, it's nice to see them hanging out like family all these years later. (A better family than Kevin McCallister’s, that’s for sure. Seriously, what kind of parents “accidentally” leave for vacation without their child?)

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