This Pretty Little Liars Star Just Gave Us The Inside Scoop On Her Camp-Themed Wedding

Over the weekend, Troian Bellisario, of Pretty Little Liars fame, dropped a major bomb: She got hitched. It wasn't just any wedding, though; Bellisario and her now-husband, Suits star Patrick J. Adams, got married at a dreamy campground on California's Central Coast on Saturday. As you can probably imagine, the wedding was insanely Instagram-worthy. Not only did the couple go glamping for their nuptials, but they had white tents for guests to sleep in, communal fire pits, and even rode off in a vintage school bus. How cool is that? We caught up with Bellisario while she was touring the Burt's Bees headquarters today and got the inside scoop on her breezy, rustic wedding (a big departure from what her character, Spencer, would have). Check out our interview, below.
Congratulations! Your wedding looked beautiful. What inspired the theme?
"We knew that we wanted to get married outdoors, and we knew we didn't want it to be just a single day because everybody told us that it goes by very quickly. We wanted to have as much time as we possibly could [so we decided to go camping for the weekend]. We knew that would mean being with our friends in an outdoor space for more than just a day. We wanted to make sure that everybody was super-comfortable and had a great time." What inspired your bridal look?
"Ultimately, I tried on way too many dresses. I'm an incredibly indecisive person, and I didn't want to wear a dress that I felt was wearing me. So I picked a simple, really beautiful design. [For makeup,] I trusted my very good friend Rebecca to do her thing. [Ed. note: Rebecca Wachtel is Bellisario's makeup artist on PLL.] The constant back-and-forth between us is that she constantly puts makeup on me and I'm like, 'It looks like I'm wearing makeup!' Then she says, 'But it won't in photos.' Then I beg her to take some of it off my face and she tells me, 'Trust me, you're going to want it.' Ultimately, I have to realize that she knows way better than I do." Tell me about the bridal hair. Who made that amazing crown? How much work went into it?
"The crown was by this very wonderful woman named Kate — her company is called Amaroq Designs. I've been a huge fan of her work for a very long time, and she was kind enough to work with me to create the flower crowns for my friends and family, as well as my own crown. She allowed me to pick the colors and materials, but you don't really want to get in the way of an artist and tell them what to do too much."
So, tell me about touring the Burt's Bees headquarters today.
"I've used Burt's Bees ever since I was young. It's sort of a fascinating thing to be here because Burt's Bees has been my staple since I can't even remember. To get to make the lip balm today, and to learn exactly what goes in it and how they sustainably farm and source all of their ingredients, has just been very, very cool. I love the original balm, but today I decided to make the vanilla-bean [flavor] and it literally smells like baking Christmas cookies. It's the greatest smell, and it was in a lab and all of the ingredients were totally pronounceable. I knew where each one of them came from, and I recognized each one of them. It was oddly simple to make." Are there any beauty products used on you during PLL filming that you kept for yourself?
"I'm terrible at doing my makeup — I have no idea. It's not interesting to me to watch tutorials, so what ended up happening a lot was Rebecca would do certain looks on me [on set] and I would ask her to teach me how to re-create those looks in my life. There were a lot of different products, funnily enough, including the Burt's Bees tinted moisturizer that we used on Spencer that I still use today." Biggest beauty disaster during PLL filming?
"During the second-to-last day, we just cried really hard. Keegan [Allen] had to say goodbye a day before everybody else, and I cried so hard that I think two of my eyelashes fell off. I was taking photos of us, and it wasn't until later that I realized that the photos were not cute and I had false eyelashes all over my cheeks."

What was your final day of filming like?
"It was so much fun. We had these incredible yearbooks, and everybody was running around asking each other to sign their yearbooks. Everybody was in really high spirits, but we all knew that we couldn't stop the end from coming. It was ultimately a really funny moment when everybody was laughing and then suddenly it would go silent or somebody would get really sad. Then, in the middle of it all, you realize that you had work to do and you wanted to focus on the work. It was a crazy day; I don't think I'll experience anything like it again."

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