The Dog? The Deer? These 10 Snapchat Filters Ruled 2016

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Are you feeling like a doe-eyed deer today? Perhaps you're in more of a fairy butterfly-queen mood. No? Maybe a sweet honeybee can cheer you up.

That's the power of Snapchat. With no effort at all, you can turn yourself into an animal, goddess, or your friend. While the app's filters, or — as Snapchat often refers to them — lenses, have been strong for years, there's no denying that the company upped its game this year.

Voice changes, special screen effects, and the chance to transform multiple people into reindeer in a single snap have made the app more playful and transformative. We asked Snapchat which filters users have been tapping into the most this year.

Ahead, the 10 most popular of 2016. Click through to see if your favorite made the cut.
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Photo: Courtesy Maria Del Russo.
The Flower Power Crown
In a land far, far away, where everything is covered in pink, hearts, and flowers, this filter reigns supreme.
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Photo: Courtesy Marshall Bright.
The Honey-Crazed Bee
A high-pitched voice changer is plenty to bee happy about.
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Photo: Courtesy Olivia Harrison.
The "Spring's Here" Flower Crown
The tried-and-true classic was almost a shoo in for top 10 status.
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Photo: Courtesy Marshall Bright.
The Creepy Face Swap
Remember that scene in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days where Kate Hudson uses Photoshop to combine her face with Matthew McConaughey's to see what their kids would look like? Snapchat's Face Swap is the easier version of that. It isn't pretty, but it sure is good for a laugh.
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Photo: Courtesy Samantha Sasso.
The Perky-Eared Dog
The Snapchat filter that launched a new Halloween category.
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Photo: Courtesy Kelsey Castanon.
The Sweet Deer
Doe-eyed perfection that translates well in the winter months.
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Photo: Courtesy Ana Colon.
The Frowny Face
This is one-half Muppet, one-half Pixar character.
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Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
The Butterfly Princess
The only headdress that comes close to topping the flower crown.
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Photo: Courtesy Alyssa Coscarelli.
The Camera-Roll Face Swap
Dollar bills, "Mona Lisa," that weird photo of your brother: Face-swapping with the images in your camera roll never disappoints.
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Photo: Courtesy Landon Peoples.
The Rosy-Cheeked Beauty
Hello, gorgeous. The universally flattering filter is perfect when you want that extra glow.
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