Sick Of Seeing Trump In The News? This Extension Will Show You Kittens Instead

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images and Benjamin Simeneta/Alamy.
With Trump's face plastered all over the news, it can seem as if his coif has taken over the whole World Wide Web. But let's not forget there was a happier time in American history, one when the internet was made, instead, of cats.

To return to this innocent era, a new Chrome extension is promising to "make America kittens again" by literally replacing his image with feline friends. Each photograph of the president-elect has a different corresponding cat.

User lists several compelling reasons for creating this tool — first and foremost, "because seriously, f*** that guy." They elaborate: "A) Trump is a disgrace, B) Kittens are lovely, and C) I couldn't find a Creative Commons photo of a blobfish to use."

As Glamour reports, there's also an extension that'll change "Trump" to "someone with tiny hands." These two extensions almost go together, though "tiny paws" would be more appropriate.

Now, can these kittens please run for president?

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