Here's What Everyone Wanted To Know "How To" Do In 2016

Photo: Courtesy of Google.
There are two kinds of Google searches: the ones that answer practical questions ("how to move to Canada"), and the ones that answer questions you're too embarrassed to ask another person, thereby admitting you don't already know the answer ("how to boil water").

The top "how to" searches usually fall in both camps, and this year was no different. Google's year in review, released today, shows an emphasis on the election, which was to be expected, as well as some very unexpected social phenomena. While there's no "how to hit the quan" or "how to play Charlie Charlie," both of which made 2015's top 10, you will see the appearance of one viral game on this year's list. One search we're surprised didn't make the list: "How to avoid GoT spoilers."

Click through to count down to the most searched for "how tos" of 2016. And if you don't know the answers to any of these, know that this year, you weren't alone.

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