5 Things We Wish Kanye West & Donald Trump Talked About

Today I woke up in an alternate reality in which Kanye West and Donald Trump have been friends for a long time. Maybe you're right there with me, I don't know. All I know is that West walked into Trump Tower to have a conversation with the President-elect, and December 13 became the day anything could happen. As Trump told a group of very confused reporters, he met with his "long time" friend West in order to discuss "life," which is about as vague as the alleged "ambassador" position that E! News reports Trump is considering West for. West later tweeted that he was discussing "multicultural issues" with the President-elect:
Trump didn't always love Kim Kardashian's husband — in fact, in 2009, he called for a boycott of West after the rapper interrupted Taylor Swift during the VMAs. Clearly, the soon-to-be President has changed his tune — possibly due to the inspiring nature of their chat. West made it clear that he met with the future President to discuss important things plaguing America, but policies aren't the only things these two could have discussed. Here are five things the two could have chatted about while spectators questioned everything we thought they knew about the world: 1. Twitter, and how to wield its power. Whether it's Yeezy sending disrespect to Jimmy Kimmel or Trump challenging Hillary Clinton's integrity, these two men love a good rant. Trump and West certainly have common ground in shaming fellow celebrities in 140-characters or less.
2. Naming their kids creatively. West has North and Saint, while the Donald took a break from basic names like Eric to name his son with Melania "Barron." Maybe their brainstorming in case either of them decides to expand their family? 3. Reality shows. Ah, yes — one more thing that West and Trump have in common. Perhaps West was asking for advice on how to approach his next appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, from someone who spent years firing job hopefuls on TV. 4. The pressure of the public eye. Both Trump and West seem to adore attention, but, let's be real, it isn't always a walk in the park. Maybe West was schooling Trump on what hats from his fashion collection hide your face from the paparazzi best, as well as keep your hair under control. 5. Taylor Swift. Trump appeared naked in West's controversial music video for the song that called out Swift and launched a media battle between West and Swift's camps. Trump appears to be a Swift fan — hence that call for a West boycott in 2009 — so maybe Trump is reminding West to play nice with the "Blank Space" singer in the future. You know, pal to pal. I can't wait to find out that this meeting between Trump and West was nothing more than a fever dream.

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