Chris Pratt’s Foundation Technique Is Actually Kind Of Genius

Sometimes a genius beauty epiphany comes along when you least expect it. Or, for that matter, where you least expect it. In this case, that would be Chris Pratt’s Instagram. The always-adorable Pratt is currently doing the publicity circuit for his new movie Passengers, which means he's waking up in a new city, and walking a different red carpet, every day. Naturally, that kind of thrilling yet probably sleep-depriving experience could lead to some delirium. In a video posted to his account last night, the actor explained that his coping mechanism to surviving the madness is figuring out new and different ways to pass the time. His pre-event hair and makeup routine, for example, is made exponentially more enjoyable by adding a DIY component.
“When I got delirious on these press tours I like to do my own makeup by having @bridgetbragerhair hold the makeup sponge and I dance my face pretty,” Pratt captioned the clip, which shows him moving his head in tandem with the sponge, which is dabbing at his face, while he dancing to The Weeknd’s “Starboy.” As People pointed out, this isn’t the first time Pratt has demonstrated his surprising beauty aptitude: He’s worn sheet masks, showed off his contour, and even interrupted an interview to French braid an intern’s hair. It’s good to know that he has a career safety net to fall back on, should that whole Guardians of the Galaxy thing not work out.

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