Ouch! Eva Longoria Just Got A Crazy-Painful Face Treatment For Smooth Skin

Photo Via: Eva Longoria/Snapchat.
Eva Longoria may be an actress and entrepreneur, but as she’s proven in 2016, she’s every bit the beauty blogger, too. The L'Oréal ambassador has been known to kick out some legit makeup tutorials and even walked us through the excruciating experience of getting a tattoo removed. Now, she’s giving us front-row seats to a facial-threading session via Snapchat — and it sure looks painful. While getting a luxurious facial in Dubai yesterday, Longoria also treated herself to a little facial-threading for the very first time. The technique, which helps rid complexions of peach fuzz by plucking groups of hairs at the follicles using a single loop of thread, is done to make skin smoother. But judging by Longoria’s reaction, the process can also hurt like crazy.
Photo Via: Eva Longoria/Snapchat.
In her snaps, Longoria is shown laugh-crying in pain as her facialist threads her cheeks and jawline. Longoria holds her own skin taut to help with the process, while exclaiming, "I don’t like it at all. Ow, ow, why does it feel this bad... She’s trying to kill me."
Photo Via: Eva Longoria/Snapchat.
But once done, Longoria sings a different tune. “It does feel soft, though,” she admits, while caressing her skin. Despite the discomfort, Longoria's complexion looks pretty amazing post-treatment, with no blotchiness or redness in sight. What’s more, she points out that the treatment is likely to make her foundation go on so much smoother, something that clearly appeals to the makeup-lover in her. Will the actress make this part of her regular regimen? Something tells us we only have to tune in to Snapchat to find out.

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