This Adorable Blending Tool Is The Best New Way To Apply Makeup

Between our comprehensive library of makeup brushes and borderline religious devotion to the life-changing Beautyblender, we thought for sure we had all the beauty tool bases covered. But lately there’s been an increasing amount of evidence floating around the web that there might just be life beyond blenders and brushes. Exhibit A: the SiliSponge. After an eagle-eyed Reddit user discovered the smooth, clear maybe-maybe-not silicone makeup applicator buried in the depths of the internet, beauty obsessives everywhere jumped on the opportunity to expand their horizons. It's the next best thing to a slightly suspicious (and now sold out) blending device with no user reviews to speak of — a silicone bra insert, of course. (We beauty aficionados are nothing if not resourceful.) But the SiliSponge (or something like it) isn’t the only option for those looking to experiment with makeup-blending alternatives. Airfrov tipped us off to the existence of the Heme Baby Q Transparent Puff. The plastic tool looks a lot like a firm, teardrop-shaped, adorable piece of silicone, and it works by applying makeup to the skin without absorbing any at all. According to the reviewer, the Baby Q feels to the touch like a damp Beautyblender, and the ergonomic shape makes it easy to access every nook and cranny of your face. It’s supposedly eco-friendly, easy to clean, free of bacteria, long-lasting (it’s said to have a lifespan of 10 years), and just as suited for applying powder makeup as it is for cream and liquid, which we find hard to believe. The Baby Q would have to be magic for it to be all those things at once, right? So the question is, then, Is the Baby Q magic? You can decide for yourself by watching the video demonstration on YouTube, or if you’re willing to pay the SGD-to-USD conversion price and the straight-from-Singapore shipping and handling necessary to purchase one from Airfrov.

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