The Katy Perry/Jennifer Aniston Alliance Is Stronger Than John Mayer

Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Pictured: Perry and Aniston last night.
If real life was a rom-com, a notorious love rat would get his comeuppance, and the film's final scenes would show his aggrieved exes becoming the best of friends. Oh, look. It's happened. Despite both having dated lothario John Mayer, Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston have forged a friendship that is greater than any treacly ballad played on some easy-listening station. Last night the ladies palled around on the red carpet at the premiere for Aniston's new comedy, Office Christmas Party, then went home and performed some sort of Witches of Eastwick ritual on their mutual ex. Just kidding. They've both much better things to do. Though the Perry-Aniston friendship seems to have come out of nowhere, it's not the first time they've hung out. In February they joined new Perry beau Orlando Bloom and Aniston's Office Christmas Party costar Jason Bateman for a birthday party celebrating manager Aleen Kesishian. Bloom, who was once romantically linked to Aniston, attended the former Friends star's nuptials to Justin Theroux last year, and is said to be good friends with the couple. Does this make Perry and Bloom the Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to Aniston and Theroux's Kimye? We can just imagine the double dates being planned. How badly are those ears burning, John?

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