Oprah’s Savage Takedown Of Gayle Is The True Meaning Of Friendship

A good friend will tell you that your outfit looks great. A best friend will tell you when you look absolutely ridiculous. Since Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are perhaps Hollywood's tightest pair, it only makes sense that the media mogul called out BFF King when her necklace proved to be an eyesore. According to Gayle's Instagram, Oprah had some thoughts about a rather large, colorful necklace her pal King wore during her daily gig on CBS This Morning. The thoughts were...not exactly complimentary. Guess Oprah won't be putting Gale's oversized jewelry on her list of Favorite Things?
Oprah's word choice wasn't the nicest, but you have to admit that her savage critique of Gayle's outfit of the day is exactly the kind of thing long-term BFFs can get away with. Gayle and Oprah have been friends for 30 years — their friendship can surely withstand a little playful sparring. Good for Gayle for standing up to her pal and not immediately taking off her circus-esque necklace. Best friends may earn the right to call your style statements heinous, but you also have the right to clap back.

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