A 60-Year-Old Woman’s First Experience Flying Was Live-Tweeted By Her Fellow Passenger

Photo: Getty Images.
Do you remember the first time you ever flew on an airplane? If you were a kid, you may not have been aware that flying can actually be pretty scary, and perhaps, by the time you reached the age where you realized this, you had already flown so many times that it seemed like no big deal. But, imagine how strange and unsettling it might feel to take your first flight in your 60s. Earlier this week, Elaine Filadelfo boarded a Virgin Airlines plane for the short flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. After boarding, she met her row-mate, Sue, an elderly woman who was flying for the very first time. Sue was heading to S.F. to surprise her daughter who had recently moved there. Filadelfo recognized how rare it was to see someone's first experience with the craziness of air travel, so she decided to live-tweet the journey. Throughout the trip, Sue experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. She was excited, anxious, and even shed a few tears, but overall, she took the whole thing like a champ. Follow the flight, here:

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