Ellen DeGeneres Bet On The Sex Of Natalie Portman’s Baby, Will Likely Lose

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There are plenty of myths about how you can predict the sex of a baby before birth. Some people swear it has to do with where you gain your pregnancy weight, while others think it has to do with how high or low you carry. Of course, the easiest way to predict the sex of the baby is to simply ask Ellen DeGeneres — and then guess the opposite. Natalie Portman appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show shortly after announcing her pregnancy with her second child, and the talk-show host couldn't help but try to guess whether Portman is going to have a boy or girl. When the Jackie actress shared that she's gravitating toward healthier stuff this time around (well, and burritos), DeGeneres joked that the veggie cravings definitely mean she's having a baby girl. Portman should definitely take DeGeneres up on this bet. Last time the star was on the talk show was in 2010, when she was pregnant with son Aleph Portman-Millepied. Back then, DeGeneres also predicted that Aleph would be a girl. When asked about an official wager this time around, Portman joked: "Well, it seems like it would be in my favor since last time you were so, so wrong." DeGeneres doesn't seem to have a very scientific method for predicting whether she should order "It's a Girl!" balloons. Back in 2010, she used old wives' tales, like the movement of a string to test her girl theory. The tests all said "girl," but ultimately, Aleph's birth certificate said "boy." That didn't stop the host from formulating some very serious terms for this bet. The pair now have $1,000 at stake, as well as plenty of pizza and burritos. Check out the interview, below.

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