These Are The Must-Download Apps Of 2016

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
I'm usually a proponent of the fewer apps on your homescreen, the better. Otherwise, you're dealing with a cluttered screen or tons of folders trying to organize everything — and far too many notifications to deal with.
This is all to say that I'm pretty picky about which apps make the cut. If it isn't something that I'm going to use all the time — the Facebooks and Snapchats of the world — or that I really love using (Prisma!), it will be quickly deleted. It's my Marie Kondo approach to homescreen cleanup.
Not sure which apps are worthy of prime real estate on your iPhone? The 20 that follow are well worth your consideration. Included are the iTunes Store's most popular apps of 2016 and the ones that Apple's seasoned app store editors crowned the best of the year. Fingers crossed that by the time the holidays are over, you'll have a brand-new jet-black iPhone 7 to download them to.

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