These 30 Tweets Prove Why Access To Birth Control Is So Important

Photographed by: Megan Madden
Contrary to what some might believe, birth control isn't just a method of contraception. Don't get us wrong — preventing unplanned pregnancies is a big reason why many people use birth control (and it's an important one). But that's not birth control's only role in people's lives.
After all, plenty of us use hormonal birth control to regulate periods. Some of us also use birth control to lessen extreme menstrual symptoms, such as debilitating cramps or heavy bleeding. Plus, it gives us the ability to have some control over our reproductive health, as well as the opportunity to start families when we're really ready.
In other words, we rely on birth control for a great many reasons, including our overall health. And in light of the recent shift in the political atmosphere, many of us are left wondering if our access to birth control — and our reproductive rights — will shrink even further. With that in mind, we've compiled some tweets from #ThxBirthControl, detailing 30 reasons why birth control is non-negotiable for women.
Click ahead to read 30 real stories about why people need more access to birth control, not less.

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