Sorry, Kid: No Light-Up Dinosaur Sneakers Under Tom Ford’s Roof

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
We can't imagine a more stressful predicament than picking out an outfit to wear to meet Tom Ford. (Only an interview with Anna Wintour Miranda Priestly could rival the pressure.) The legendary designer's impeccable garments are only rivaled by his impeccable taste — and it's not something that he leaves at the studio. In fact, in a new interview with GQ, Ford reveals that his 4-year-old son Jack is already much more chic than us mere fashion mortals were as toddlers. However, that means Jack's favorite pair of sneakers are delegated to solely being worn as "indoor shoes." The Nocturnal Animals director explained that his son is already really into the monochromatic look: Jack's recently moved on from all-camel-everything to donning black from head-to-toe. (At Ford's insistence that Jack add a little color to the mix, the tot merely concedes to wear "gray." Spoken like a true icon.) Footwear, however, is a point of contention: While Ford would prefer Jack to stick to the velcro-ed Stan Smiths he's picked out for him, the four-year-old would much rather wear his light-up dinosaur sneakers. Ford recalls the exact conversation he found himself having with Jack when the kid was caught trying to sneak the shoes out of their Los Angeles home. "What does Dada say about the dinosaur shoes?" he asks, to which his son knows to answer: "They're tacky." Jack's supposed to only wear them on weekends, when they'll presumably not be seen. This isn't terribly surprising, considering that Ford has admitted in the past that his go-to childhood uniform was a blazer and loafers. Still, we think Jack's light-up kicks would go quite well with the "daytime suit" his father wore to the GQ interview. Given this information, though, we're going to go ahead and guess Ford doesn't own a pair of Steph Curry's much-mocked "Chefs" sneakers. You can read Ford's full interview over at GQ.

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