Sofia Richie & Kylie Jenner Awkwardly Posed For Identical Photo Shoots With Snakes

The snake emoji has been one of the most frequently used icons of the year. It has most commonly been deployed to symbolize acts of deceit and scheming in relation to celebrities. Millions of snake emoji have been unleashed on social media pages belonging to Taylor Swift, Sofia Richie, and a few of the Kardashians.

And now Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie are cleverly clapping back at everyone who's ever called them "snakes" by posing with actual snakes. It's just too bad that hey both tried to get in on the joke and debuted their pictures the exact same day. Awkward.

In each of the respective photos, the teenagers (Jenner is 19, and Richie is 18) are wearing solid-color, two-piece undergarments. They even strike similar puckered-lip poses. In fact, it looks like they're posing with the exact same snake.
Here's Jenner's, which was shot by Terry Richardson as part of her Kylie Jenner-branded calendar (a gift idea for Kardashian-aholics), which she will sell on her forthcoming online store.
And here is Richie's, which is featured on the cover of the December-January issue of Complex.
In response, Twitter is choosing sides by claiming that Richie copied Jenner, or visa versa.
But, in the end, one Twitter user revealed who really gets the credit for the nearly-nude, snake-centric photo shoot, the one and only Bad Gal RiRi.

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