Kylie Jenner Proves We’ve Officially Reached Peak Fishnet

We know that as soon as a Kardashian (or a Jenner) wears a certain trend, it's not long before it reaches peak saturation. Maybe it's due to the family's multi-million Instagram and Snapchat followers, or maybe it's because people really do admire (and enjoy emulating) their sense of style. Either way, fishnet tights have finally fallen prey to Kardashian-Jenner madness, having worked their way from fashion-crowd favorite to full-on mass-appeal — first thanks to Kim, and now Kylie. Before Kim Kardashian-West began her two-month-long-and-counting hiatus from social media following the Paris robbery, she posted an Instagram photo of some scandalous, classic-black fishnets peeking out from the top of an unbuttoned pair of jeans. (We did it first, just saying.) But, leave it to the younger Jenner to follow suit just a few weeks later — and take things up a notch in true KJ fashion. Over the weekend, the star uploaded her own scandalous shots in fishnets — only this time, they were glittery.

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Is this Kylie's attempt at taking a trend that's blown up over the past few weeks and trying to discover the next version? Is she teasing a product that might be sold at her much-anticipated official merch shop, launching December 10 (which, by the way, has also tried the same fishnet styling tip)? Or, is this just King Kylie's bedazzled way of getting pumped up for all the holiday parties likely on her agenda? The answers are unclear, but we can only assume that hordes of Jenner's teen followers will be running to the nearest Forever 21 to scoop a sparkling pair of fishnets in no time. As for us? Well, this might just be the moment we decide to move on to the next big thing.

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