How Many People Does It Take To Put A Stiletto On Mariah Carey?

Photo: Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images.
"She puts her shoes on one foot at a time, just like the rest of us." That's an expression you'd think would apply to, well, everyone. However, as we've seen, it doesn't always apply to celebrities. Kendall Jenner needed two assistants to lace up her strappy, thigh-high heels for the MTV Movie Awards. Now, we're learning that Mariah Carey also requires some assistance when it comes time to slip on her footwear, according to Footwear News. In a clip from her upcoming docuseries, Mariah’s World, we meet Carey inside a yacht (because, of course). She's dressing herself — or, rather, having other people dress her — for an event. We know that, sometimes, a fancy dress requires a little help. (Who hasn’t asked their roommate to zip them up every once in awhile?) But the “Touch My Body” singer takes it to a whole new level: she has not one, not two, not three, but four people put her shoes on for her. "Oprah told me, 'Don’t ever let anybody think that you don’t know how to put your shoes on anymore,'" Carey tells the camera in the clip. However, when it pertains to the particular pair of platform lace-up heels Mimi picked out for the evening, she concedes: "The problem is these shoes are abusive and I can’t put them on alone. I’m not gonna lie about it." How's that for a punch line? Now, don't think Carey's loved ones are going to just let her get away with that without having a laugh. Her manager points out that, no matter what Oprah says, Carey does have a whole posse at hand to get her properly laced up into her stilettos. Mariah, of course, takes the burn ever so fabulously. Hey, we wouldn't expect anything less fabulous from Mimi.

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