No, Liev Schreiber Does Not Want Your Matchmaking Services

Everyone's least-favorite post-breakup activity? Having to tell friends "No, really, I'm okay" when they offer to set you up with literally anyone mere weeks after your split. When you're famous and your breakup is broadcast around the world, well, things get even trickier. Liev Schreiber awkwardly dodged Gayle King's matchmaking services during an interview on CBS This Morning Thursday, and you'll want to cringe for him. The Ray Donovan star split from his partner of 11 years, Naomi Watts, back in September, so some might consider that wound a little fresh. King, however, decides to ask the actor about his recent breakup, which, though amicable, doesn't seem like the topic that gets Schreiber super excited. When she asks about whether the change is difficult or scary, Schreiber replies with a very diplomatic answer: “Yeah. Of course it is," says the Spotlight actor. "We’re parents together, so we’ll be together for the rest of our lives no matter what, and we’re very close. Hopefully that never changes, and I don’t think it will.” Considering Schreiber didn't seem so gung-ho about discussing the breakup, you would think the issue might be dropped. Instead, King offers up her matchmaking services: "Would you like me to set you up with someone, or are you okay?" asks Oprah's BFF of Schreiber's singledom. "I'm busy with a 15-year-old [son]," replied the clearly not-thrilled actor of the offer. While I'm sure King intended for the comment to come off as lighthearted, it's probably not a great idea to bring up what was likely a painful split, on television, when you could be talking about one of the actor's several projects. It's not that celebrity breakups are totally off the table in interviews —King probably should have just read her subject a bit better. Schreiber's clearly going through some family stuff right now, so maybe we can stick to chatting about his Showtime series instead?

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