Who Would You Cast In Game Of Thrones: Trump Edition?

If you thought the presidential election played out like a season of The Apprentice, the aftermath has begun to feel more like Game of Thrones. After all, the president-elect’s inner circle is made up of mostly family and loyalists — ethics experts are no doubt settling in for a long four years — while many of Donald Trump's Cabinet members bring with them draconian policies and worldviews (see here, here, here, and here) that seem more Westeros than Western civilization. Has Beltway power jockeying ever been this riveting?
With that in mind, we bring you the Game of Thrones: Trump Edition matching game. We've paired some of our favorite (or most reviled) characters with their real-life doppelgängers. Some of the comparisons practically wrote themselves. (You mean Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a sackcloth in his closet?) To be clear, we didn’t assign the entire Trump family to one sigil — no family, real or otherwise, could fill those Stark or Lannister shoes. To play this game, we distilled the essence of our nation’s latest colorful cast of political characters and assigned them potential GoT alter egos.
It's all in good fun, and we invite you to chime in with your thoughts. If you disagree with some of our choices, let us know! (Respectfully, please — we’ll leave the sword fights for the Battle of the Bastards.) Nominate your own missing characters by naming them in the comments below. Over time, we will update accordingly.

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