Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

Photographed by Claire Pepper.
The oft-cited, depressing fact is that American men earn around $1 for every 78 cents a woman makes (and that gap only widens when you look at what women of color are earning compared to white men). But, in a recent study, GlassDoor also uncovered 11 jobs where women are actually out-earning men.

In the number-one spot, female social workers make, on average, $1.08 to their male counterpart's dollar. While that might sound like a silver lining, it's still a pretty thin one. The same study also looked at the fields where men out-earn women the most. Computer programmers have the widest gap, with men earning, on average, 28.3% more than women. And, considering the average salary of computer programmers is relatively high ($65,277 is the national average, $20,000 more than social workers') that wage gap shakes out to a much higher dollar amount.

For many of the fields, the percentage more that women are earning, on average, is so little, you could argue that it's just fields where salaries are approaching parity. For example, female therapists only earn .5% more than their male colleagues. And while that won't make up for the fact that men are still out-earning women in nearly every other field, it's interesting to know which fields are not only paying women fairly for equal work, but also where they're being paid more.

Click through to see the full list of jobs — do any of them surprise you?

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