The Wage Gap Explained, Thanks To A Hilarious Game Show

Growing up, getting sick meant getting to stay home and watch game shows. The format is usually the same: Contestants compete to answer questions or complete puzzles, and the winner takes home the most cash. But what if game shows were like the workplace, where just doing your best isn't enough to actually take home your earnings? That's the question we're asking in this video. Four contestants compete on a typical cheesy game show, but this time, the questions are all about the wage gap. And, not all is as it seems. The white male contestant gets to phone a frat brother when he needs help, but the Latina contestant's buzzer doesn't even work. In under six minutes, the video hits on what often gets lost in the wage gap discussion: While women make 79¢ to average man's dollar, Black men are also earning less — and women of color earn the least. As our host reminds us, it's only by working together that we can begin to address these problems head-on and finally make equal pay (which is required under U.S. law) a reality.

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