Amber Rose Escapes Hell Year, Leaves Social Media Until 2017

Facebook is a pretty depressing place. There are lots of studies that seem to show it makes us sad and lonely, or maybe we just use it when we're depressed, or maybe it's just super complicated. But even anecdotally, it's dark seeing people writing earnestly about Jill Stein in TYOOL 2016, between posts of new babies, improbably perfect Thanksgiving meals, and fireplaces that are a little cozier than yours. So it makes sense that Amber Rose would take a social media sabbatical. She announced that she'd be taking a break in a post to Instagram using Snapchat's popular flower crown filter, but said that her assistant would make some fun posts in her absence. "Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm taking the rest of the year off of social media," Rose said. "I'll have Jill, my assistant, post some cool stuff for me and I'll see you in the new year!" If you want to be like Amber Rose (who doesn't?), here are some fun and flirty tips of things to do instead of reading posts and getting mad and then leaving really nice comments as a subtle means of revenge. Read a book. The world is sometimes an unhappy place, and if you rely on exterior factors to make you happy, you will often be disappointed. One thing that you can maintain a fairly stable relationship with is art. That doesn't mean TV shows that will inevitably fail you in certain ways. Think books or films. Take a walk without headphones. Even though it's cold, it's nice to remember that people other than you are having their own daily lives. Hell, maybe you'll talk to someone. Crazy, we know. Go to a concert. This isn't always possible, given that not everyone lives within easy access to live music, but it's nice to remember that you can have an experience without letting everyone in your social feed know that you've had it. "I went to see Coldplay," you might say. "Coldplay sucks," your friend might say. And then you go back online and subtweet the shit out of them. Anyways, here's Amber Rose.

Happy Holidays ??

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