Kendall Jenner Wants To Visit Hogwarts & King’s Landing

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In all of our Kylie-mania, we can forget that Kendall Jenner is also a relatable Jenner. For a family that has built a reputation on being just like us, except richer and better looking and more charming, Kendall has seemed sort of above the fray of day-to-day celebrity machinations. Maybe it's because she's worked through relatively traditional channels to create influence and fandom. Or maybe she's just like 10% less accessible than the rest of her extended clan. But her list of fictional places she'd like to visit is 100% relatable. The model and social media sensation wrote about her top five fictional destinations in a recent post to her website and app. Her top destination is Hogwarts. "Hogwarts from the 'Harry Potter' series is a no-brainer," she writes. "Stairs that move, secret passageways and magical creatures make for the most incredible place. I wouldn't mind going to school here, lol." That's true. The only issue is that your campus is Ground Zero for some super vicious terrorist attacks by the pure embodiment of evil. But other than that, it's a pretty chill place. And her final destination is Westeros. 'I love 'Game of Thrones'!" she writes. "Westeros is the continent where the whole story takes place, across the Seven Kingdoms. There are so many different cities, creatures and storylines that you could never get bored. It also has some of the most amazing settings that anyone could dream up!" Actually, [extremely nerdy voice] Westeros is not the continent where the whole story takes place. Important parts of it also take place in Essos, across the narrow sea. Oh, and there's the whole thing where Westeros is the seat of near-constant murder and war. And it also faces invasion by an army of undead. Whatever! To read the rest of Kendall's destinations, click here.

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