15 Gifts For The Disillusioned Hillary Clinton Supporter In Your Life

Many former Hillary Clinton supporters are looking at the coming Trump Years like Narnia under the White Witch — four to eight years of always winter, and never Christmas.
But, nevertheless, the holidays are upon us. And whether you're the one still trying to get over the emotional hump of the results, or you're trying to support a loved one through election fatigue, now is the time of year to pour a glass of eggnog, take a deep breath, and focus on the positive.
Of course, that hardly means you have to forget everything that just happened. We've gathered a selection of gift ideas — from politically meaningful to just plain silly, and nary an "I'm With Her" shirt among them — to bring some holiday cheer to the HRC fan in your life. Whether it'll bring a smile to your loved one's face to know they're supporting reproductive choice, or they'd prefer to pretend to knock Donald Trump's block off in an action figure battle royal — we've got a wide selection of choices.
Ahead, check out 15 inspirational, interesting, or entertaining gifts for the Hillary Clinton supporter on your gift list. And remember, this list isn't comprehensive. There are plenty of other cool stocking-stuffers and amazing organizations out there that we couldn't include.

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