Vetements’ New Necklace Moonlights As A Weed Grinder

When the trend-launching cool kids at Vetements make a logo-ed necklace, you can bet it's not just your run-of-the-mill designer bauble. What would you expect to find inside the circular, disk-shaped casing of the brand's take on a classic locket? Well, it's definitely not a quaint, miniature frame for a weathered photo of your beloved. The necklace's name sort of gives away the hidden gadgetry tucked behind its Vetements-etched exterior.


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The piece, which is part of the brand's fall 2016 collection, is dubbed the "Grinder" necklace; tucked inside the pendant, you'll find a functional weed grinder. Because what better way to be prepared for your next bowl or vape than to wear a very useful smoking accoutrement around your neck? Earlier this year, Vetements dabbled with smoking-related detailing with these Bic lighter-heeled boots. A gilded, wearable grinder is the latest example of high-end pot paraphernalia, in the vein of Alexander Wang and Baja East's marijuana leaf-laced fall 2016 collections. And we're not mad about it, though the eye-watering price point might be a bit of a buzzkill — haute weed-pulverizing convenience doesn't exactly come cheap. Vetements' tricked-out pendant comes in silver and gold iterations and will run you $750. It's currently available at retailers like Ssense and The Webster. So, there you have it: possibly the fanciest grinder fathomable. Maybe it'll come in handy while holiday shopping for that very, very, special stoner in your life who already has way too many Vetements hoodies for their own good. (Or, you know, maybe as a gift for yourself.) We're expecting a DIY take on this secretly functional piece to surface sometime soon...
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