Ryan Reynolds Gives Perfect Advice On Partner Delivery Room Etiquette

Ryan Reynolds' advice is shockingly on point in a lot of situations. His self-possession is probably the key. Witness how he stands up to this brutal grilling by his "twin." Shit, he asked now-wife Blake Lively to dance at a near-empty restaurant in Tribeca. So it should be no surprise that he knows exactly how men should behave in the delivery room. At this point, he's a veteran of two daughters, so he should know at least two things about how to successfully navigate a very stressful environment. Frankly, his advice goes for any social situation: Be in the room, you're not Don Draper. Be judicious with your photo-taking, a picture of your daughter crowning on the refrigerator isn't helping anyone. You, the father, really want to realize you're the least important thing in the room. We mean, really. You could follow those rules at brunch and be considered the most charming person in the room. But maybe brunch is a bad example. Brunch is essentially lawless. Watch Reynolds tips for new dads below.

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