Ryan Reynolds Being Interviewed By His “Twin” Brother Is Truly Hilarious

Nobody can argue with GQ's decision to name Ryan Reynolds "Man of the Year." The 40-year-old has had a great 2016, recently starring in the hit Deadpool and winning over our hearts with the birth of his second child back in September. There is one person who's not a fan of actor's success, however, and it's someone you'd never expect: his twin. Or rather, his "twin." In a hilarious video created by GQ, the star gets interviewed (read: roasted) by his fictional twin Gordon, who has a lot of thoughts about his handsome counterpart, and none of them are good. "Let's get to the heart of the matter," Gordon begins. "Why can't you be like other actors? Good ones?" As it turns out, that's Gordon being nice. He goes on to insult Ryan for his choice in films ("Do you consider Deadpool the Green Lantern of good movies?") and his parenting ("How many times have you met your children?"). There's even a surprise appearance by Jake Gyllenhaal, who Gordon not-so-secretly thinks is more deserving of the prestigious "Man of the Year" title. It's hard to pick which brother we like more.

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