The Kardashians Are Shilling For $11K Golden Eggs & We Have So Many Questions

None of the “normal” things the Kardashians do feel normal. From birthday parties to furniture shopping, even the most day-to-day tasks are over-the-top. So much so, that you’d think it would be hard to still be shocked by their habits. You’d be wrong. Recently, Kris Jenner ‘grammed a picture of herself with a gold egg full of gold cutlery.

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If the existence of a silverware-filled egg isn’t absurd enough, just wait until you see the price tag. The Mood Cutlery Egg, as it’s officially known, will cost you $11,460. It comes with place settings for six people — including two spoons, a fork, and a knife for each person. The post itself was a paid advertisement by the Egg’s creator, Christofle, and Kris wasn’t the only Kardashian-Jenner to get in on that sweet, sweet sponsorship action.

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Khloé Kardashian also shared a snap of herself with the egg — though, from her caption, it sounds like she doesn’t actually have one. “Putting it on the top of my holiday wish list,” she writes, which makes us wonder: Is she simply posing with her mother’s egg? When Kris set the table, will only six people get the gold cutlery? More importantly, why do spoons need to be stored in eggs?

Actually, while we're at it, does Kris even own the egg? Did Jenner and Kardashian just pose with $11,000 worth of metal and then give it back? After all, they could certainly afford one if they wanted (Khloé alone could buy herself over 1,000 eggs using her 2016 salary if she so desired.) One thing is for sure: If they plan on bringing the gold egg (or eggs) to Thanksgiving at Kylie's, at least it will be easy to transport.