Kendall Jenner Bought A Blob Couch For More Than You Can Imagine

Photo: Courtesy of Edra.
Kendall Jenner is decorating, according to a post on her website this morning. For most 20-year-olds, "decorating" is purchasing a new poster and considering vacuuming the shag carpet. For Kendall Jenner, it means investing in a blue-and-purple blob couch that can run you as much as $52,000. I mean, that's more than a day at Westworld.
To be clear: This is a very high-end blob. The couch, whose given name is "Boa," is a knotted bundle of tubes. Its appearance is not unlike that of the small intestine, or the cobbled surface of the brain. Basically, Boa looks like an organ. For Jenner, Boa is the perfect addition to her living room. "[It's] all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer. It works perfectly in the space!" she says. One has to wonder — is she saying the sofa's surface is filled with grooves? Or does she mean "groovy" the disco sense? The couch is the work of Edra, an international design company, and estimates place the price as about the same as the cost of day at the high-tech amusement park in HBO's Westworld. (The theme park, for the uninitiated, costs $40k a day. So, you know, about one blob sofa.) According to the website, the Boa isn't just a couch. "It is a large woven nest," the caption reads. "A soft embrace. An invitation to explore different positions lying between its pillows." Incidentally, that description could also apply to Westworld, which is a labyrinthian invitation for adventure. In regards to her redecorating, Jenner writes, "I still have a long way to go, but am having so much fun along the way!" Which is exactly how one might feel at Westworld. Fin.

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