Kim Kardashian Took Everything You Love About Thanksgiving & Made It Sexual

It's hard to be truly shocking in a post-President-Elect Donald Trump world. But if anyone could pull it off, it's Kim Kardashian. The star has sexualized my favorite holiday. How? By releasing a new set of Thanksgiving-themed Kimoji.
How does one make the day of stuffing one's face whilst surrounded by family sexy, you ask? Take a look at the 20 R-rated icons below. If you feel like your festive spirit is a little... wholesome lately, then download Kardashian's new Kimoji ASAP to make your Turkey Day a little naughtier. We've got seasonal breasts, bare-ass floats, and apple pie being scandalized here, folks. To be fair, the 36-year-old mogul has also included a batch of more standard Thanksgiving items: pumpkin pie, turkey, and a "give thanks" sticker among them.
We've ranked the 20 new Kimoji by dirtiness and who to send them to. And before we forget: Thank you, Kim. We think.
For Your S.O.: Boobs & Butt

For Your BFFs: Classic Thanksgiving Goods With Sexual Undertones

For Your Family: A G-Rated Feast
For Your Most Basic Acquaintances: A PSL, Really?!
Last but not least... For Anyone Who Enjoys Kim's Cry-face (a.k.a. All Of Your Contacts)

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