Craiglist’s Submissive White Men Will Let You Take Your Post-Election Stress Out On Them

This election has left people shaken in a way they've never experienced, and there might be only one way to fix it: BDSM. While that may sound out of left field, Vocativ reports that, in major cities, personal listings are rife with creative ads from submissive white men volunteering to take a spanking in the name of stress-relief. One listing, titled "Take Out Your Trump Anger By Spanking A White Guy," promises exactly that. "A lot of people are having trouble dealing with their anger," he writes after clarifying that he's definitely not a Trump supporter. "This is not a solution, but maybe a small, fun, cathartic escape. Take out your anger by putting me over your knee and giving me a hard spanking!" He goes on to say he's "willing to donate his butt" to help despondent voters cope. Trump supporters are also offering their services, with one writing, "I voted for trump. If you are feeling angry about trump, and you feel like relieving some stress, use me as your personal kicking/punching bag. Kick me with your bare feet, punch me, and verbally humiliate me." And if you voted for Trump and are feeling guilty, there's an ad for you as well. "Did you vote for Trump? Feeling bad about it now?" it reads, before inviting readers over to, among many other things, beg for forgiveness. It's going to be a long four years.

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