How One Airline Is Making Sure You Won’t Lose Your Luggage Again

Photographed by Jessica Nash.
If you've ever lost your luggage, you know how unbelievably frustrating it can be. If you haven't, I'll restrain myself and just say, you are one lucky duck. Losing your luggage can ruin a trip and airlines are aware of what a huge pain it is for passengers. That's why one airline is doing something more to try and prevent it from happening. Delta recently started using digital luggage tags to track luggage more effectively. According to NBC News, luggage tags (the ones the airline personnel print out at the desk when you check your bags) from Delta will now come with a microchip embedded inside. The microchip constantly transmits its location, which you can track on your phone in real-time. Being able to personally keep up with your luggage's whereabouts should give passengers more peace-of-mind and let them feel more in control of their traveling experience. This all sounds great, but we kind of can't help but wonder how no one has thought of this before. It seems Delta isn't the only airline that has had this idea. NBC News also reported that United and Alaska Airlines have been working on similar "bag-tracking technology," but Delta is the only airline that has it up and running now. This new technology seems like a plus for everybody, except maybe that Unclaimed Baggage Store. Learn more about Delta's new luggage-tracking tags in the video from NBC News, below.

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