People Can’t Stop Watching Unveiling Video Of This New Glitter Eyeshadow

Isn't it amazing how you can consider yourself a grown adult and yet still be completely speechless and drooling when something shiny catches your eye? What are we, birds? Babies? Gollum? Nope. We're just beauty fanatics who are about to snag the spotlight at the office holiday party. Beauty guru Pat McGrath is continuing to dazzle us with her new Metalmorphosis 005 kit, which will be available on her website on November 15 (so soon!) and at Sephora on November 22. Just tell us these sparkling layers of silver pigment, liquid, and cream goodness aren't tempting you.
The kit also includes gold, bronze, and copper hues, plus a black marker. You can maximize your glitter lips. You can mimic Gigi's eyes. You can create the most majestic, interstellar beauty look of all time. Or you can just smear it on your arm and stare at it for hours. Don't think we won't be doing that.

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