Ugh, Meghan Markle's Harassment Has Gotten So Bad She Had To Take Time Off

Photo: MediaPunch/REX.
It looks like even though Prince Harry issued a plea to the world to please stop harassing his new girlfriend, Suits actress Meghan Markle, they haven't listened. In fact, things have gotten so intense that insiders told Page Six she's requested to take a week off from filming her TV show.

So what makes Markle any different than the dozens of women Harry has previously dated or been spotted with? Why didn't they receive this same level of aggravation? One reason, of course: She's Black.

I would ask how it's possible in 2016 that someone's fans could feel so strongly about race that their hatred knows no bounds. How someone's fans could care more about their own bigotry than the happiness of the person that they're a fan of. But seeing what's happening in our own country, I really shouldn't be surprised.

I just hope that sooner rather than later, the world will realize that Markle is just a person. A person who wakes up every morning, goes to work, falls in love, just like the rest of us. Someone who should not have to take race or identity into account throughout their life, but has to because society forces them to. I also hope these so-called Harry supporters realize that the Prince deserves happiness, too — as well as respect, because he's entitled to date whomever the hell he pleases.

In the meantime, Meghan (and Harry!) we're sending you a big hug. You don't deserve this. No one does. Hopefully during this week, you can find a little time for self-care.

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