There Are 13 Different Starbucks Holiday Cups Dropping Tomorrow

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Sometimes, you need fake drama to distract you from real drama. Enter: Starbucks’ new holiday cups, which people are sure to have some strong feelings about. Remember all that cup drama from last week? Well, we're here to debunk all of the myths and introduce all 13 (YES, 13!) holiday cups. They will be available starting tomorrow for your Instagramming pleasure.
So here's the deal: First the coffee chain launched green unity cups, which to our dismay still managed to cause an internet uproar. But, everything was still going to be okay, because red cups were coming. Finally, possible cup designs started popping up online, and it looked like there were multiple varieties, and we weren't sure WHAT to believe.
Now we finally have answers, people. There are 13 total red-cup options (did we mention one of them is iced?!), which were created by customers around the world. Drawing on white cups has always been a tradition, so Starbucks started a red-cup contest last year, and thus this year's designs were born. Since it's not the holidays without some red-hued controversy, we're sure there will be a whole new ridiculous Twitter war to laugh about tomorrow. Looking forward to collecting them all, Pokémon-style. For now, click through to find your faves.

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