How To Protect Yourself From Negative Vibes Wherever You Are

In the wake of the election, we've been on the lookout for methods of self-care that work for us. More specifically, we're looking for ways to feel safe. Luckily, most magical practices involve some aspect of protection spells.
Here, we've rounded up some of the best witch-approved tips to keep your home and office free of negativity, no matter who you voted for. But before you dive in, we have a few general suggestions, too.
Start with a general cleansing ritual, so you aren't dealing with any excess baggage while trying to protect yourself. Next, if you're #StillWithHer, there are plenty of female deities you can invoke (or whose figures you can add to your altar) for additional strength right now. And finally, don't forget about this month's full moon — the supermoon's added intensity will be perfect for any energy work you're planning.
Click through for our tips on keeping your personal spaces cleansed and free of negativity. (And if you're looking for outside support or counseling, please visit our guide to free mental-health resources, here.)