Olivia Pope Isn’t Here To Handle Trump, Folks

Scandal fans are familiar with the show's high-stakes drama. Most episodes involve a prolonged moment of panic, wherein terror and absurdity collide to bring about some huge political catastrophe, which Olivia Pope and her team swoop in to handle in the nick of time. Kerry Washington broke some tough news this morning: Olivia Pope isn't real, and she's not on her way to handle the election of Donald Trump. When fans of the ABC show went online to beg for an eleventh-hour save from the Shonda Rhimes character, Washington set the record straight. Olivia Pope is a character, Washington reminded them, and she can't make a difference in this election. "OLIVIA POPE is trending. But Olivia Pope is not real. Whats real is the need for love today. LOVE yourself. Take CARE of you & your loved 1s," the mother of two wrote.
Despite Washington's post, Scandal fans are still imagining the effect Pope could have on our national politics.
Since Olivia Pope isn't coming in with a last-minute save, we'll have to pour a glass of wine and settle in for a Scandal marathon.

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